Residential Garage Door Specs

Clopay® recognizes the need for accurate architectural garage door specifications for residential building. Before you can install a Clopay residential garage door, you need those residential garage door specs. You need to consider your particular residential garage door features and dimensions. With other garage doors, this may be a challenge, but with Clopay, it’s easy, thanks to the Quick Specs Wizard®. The Specs Wizard is an easy way to get the information you need in an accurate, speedy manner.


Garage Door Dimensions & Specifications

Use the Specs Wizard now to find specifications and dimensions for your desired Clopay door. You can also use the Clopay website for information on how to install an electric garage door opener for the door you’re working with. Use the Wizard to generate the residential garage door specs you need.

Using the Wizard is quite intuitive, especially for those who have architectural experience, so it’s easy to follow along and quickly configure your door information. It’s mostly a simple matter of clicking boxes to indicate which door you are working with and selecting from drop down menus to indicate features you are including that might affect the dimensions of the product. The Wizard automatically knows which features go with which product configurations, so you can’t incorrectly configure the door. Once you’ve provided all the information, the Wizard takes over for you with just the press of a button

Architectural Garage Door Specs for Residential Building

Once you’re done with the configuration, the Wizard quickly assembles the specification for you in CSI 3-part format for your convenience. You’ll have a completed document in minutes. Once the specs are compiled, you can view, download or print the results. It’s the quickest, easiest and most accurate way to generate specs for residential garage door collections.

The Specs Wizard for identifying the specifications of residential doors will save you time and money, which as an architect on a residential building product is paramount. Never make another mistake or stress out over your garage door dimensions for your residential project again thanks to the Specs Wizard.