Intellicore Insulation Technology

Clopay® offers homeowners the best in insulation performance with Intellicore®, a proprietary insulation formulated to reduce energy costs, improve your home’s comfort and increase the door’s strength.  


Clopay Intellicore — Garage Doors Improved

Garage doors featuring Intellicore insulation technology represent the ultimate smart choice for homeowners. Clopay’s Intellicore polyurethane foam is injected into a garage door section, expanding to fill the entire section core. Other common insulation options such as polystyrene do not fill every nook and cranny, making it less energy efficient. Intellicore R-values, which represent the door’s insulation properties, are typically twice that of polystyrene.

Get a closer look at why Clopay Intellicore garage doors are a smart decision for homeowners.


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Rvalue comparison of Intellicore and Polystyrene Models



Because of the significant insulation properties of Intellicore, every climate will benefit from keeping the garage and living space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

In addition to comfort, more moderate temperatures in your garage can have a positive impact on appliances or other items such as beverages you may have in the space. Whether you have a sink, refrigerator, washer or dryer, temperature regulation will help support efficient performance.

R Value test conditions



A Quieter Home is a Happier Home

The dense, sound-absorbing nature of Intellicore insulated doors provides quieter operation and the peaceful living space you deserve. A quality garage door should run quietly in the background, not disturb your neighbors or wake sleeping babies. Intellicore helps make this possible.

A review left by a happy customer on the Coachman Collection

We performed a decibel test to analyze the differences in sound when a basketball hits a garage door at a consistent speed. The non-insulated door came in at 96 decibels, while the Intellicore door was 80 decibels. Though 16 decibels doesn’t seem like a lot, the decibel scale is logarithmic — not linear — which means the Intellicore Doors are actually 3 times quieter to your ear’s perception!


Overall Sound Volume

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Built for the toughest neighborhoods

Our engineers exhaustively tested Intellicore insulated garage door sections and found them to be nearly twice as strong as a polystyrene door section of the same thickness. This enhanced rigidity provides greater resistance to everyday wear and tear. Broadly speaking, a Clopay door with Intellicore will look better and last longer when faced with the challenges the neighborhood throws at it.

Collection Series Models Style Layers Thickness R-value*
Canyon Ridge ® Limited Edition All Models Carriage House 5 Layers 2" 18.4
Canyon Ridge ® Ultra-Grain® All Models Carriage House 4 Layers 2" 18.4
Canyon Ridge ® Modern - Plank All Models Contemporary 4 Layers 2" 18.4
Canyon Ridge ® Modern - Plank All Models Contemporary 4 Layers 2" 18.4
Canyon Ridge ® Modern - Metal
(Aluminum) Inlay
All Models Contemporary 4 Layers 2" 18.4
Canyon Ridge ® Modern -
Full-View Design
All Models Contemporary 4 Layers 2" 6.3
Coachman ® Premium All CGU Models Carraige House 4 Layers 2" 18.4
Gallery ® Premium GD2SU, GD2LU Carraige House 3 Layers 2" 18.4
Gallery ® Premium GD1SU, GD1LU Carraige House 3 Layers 1-3/8" 12.9
Modern Steel ™ Premium 9202, 9201, 9208 Modern Flush 3 Layers 2" 18.4
Modern Steel ™ Premium 9205, 9209 Modern Grooved 3 Layers 2" 18.4
Modern Steel ™ Premium 9132, 9131, 9138 Modern Flush 3 Layers 1-3/8" 12.9
Modern Steel ™ Premium 9139 Modern Grooved 3 Layers 1-3/8" 12.9
Classic ™ Premium 9200, 9203 Short & Long
Elegant Panels
3 Layers 2" 18.4
Classic ™ Premium 9130, 9133 Short & Long
Elegant Panels
3 Layers 1-3/8" 12.9

Protecting You, Your Family and Your Belongings

A stronger door means a lasting investment, and it also means it is tougher for someone to break into. With up to 2" Intellicore insulation, it helps deter and prevent break ins. 

A stronger door means a lasting investment, and it also means it is tougher for someone to break into. With up to 2" Intellicore insulation, it helps deter and prevent break ins.

More Cost-Effective

Saving You Money Over Time

When you have an attached garage, opening and closing the connecting garage door can lead to  heating and cooling inefficiencies. With the advanced insulation capabilities of Intellicore, it can help prevent excess heat or cold from entering your garage and your home, and improve your overall comfort. Installing a Clopay Intellicore garage door may also help you see savings in your heating and cooling costs over time.

Explore Clopay Products With Intellicore Insulation

Intellicore insulation is available on nearly all Clopay door styles. Take a closer look at our collections that feature this insulation's impressive performance:

  • Canyon Ridge®: All Canyon Ridge doors feature 2" Intellicore insulation. Enjoy various styles such as Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5-Layer)Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4-Layer)Canyon Ridge LouverCanyon Ridge Chevron and Canyon Ridge Modern.
  • Coachman®: Another popular carriage house door option, Coachman® is available with Intellicore.  
  • Gallery® Steel: The Gallery® Steel door uses a raised panel design with a grooved texture for a vintage feel. Gallery style doors are available in 2" or 1-3/8" thick Intellicore constructions.
  • Bridgeport™ Steel: Bridgeport doors bring beauty and symmetry to your garage door with the look of traditional wood stile and rail door.  
  • Classic™ Steel: The Classic™ Steel door line keeps with tradition through its raised panel design options. 
  • Modern™ Steel: Complement your midcentury or contemporary home with a Modern™ Steel door. Modern steel doors are available with Intellicore and various contemporary window options.

Find Your Perfect Garage Door at Clopay

Find Your Ideal Garage Door at Clopay

We are honored to be America's favorite garage door brand for more than 50 years. Intellicore insulation is a representation of our unrelenting commitment to designing and manufacturing the strongest and best performing garage door, while providing the most extensive design options on the market. 

Browse our residential garage doors today, and find a dealer near you to start transforming the look, energy efficiency, comfort and security of your home.