Color Blast® Garage Door Paint System

ColorBlast Coachman - Black

The Color Blast® program allows you to complement your home or building’s current color scheme by choosing from an array of Sherwin-Williams® color options. The two-part polyurethane based paint used in the Color Blast paint system is specially formulated for excellent adhesion and stability on steel, aluminum, vinyl, and plastics. This provides a high-quality, durable, and professional finish for your door.

  • Color Blast is available on all steel and aluminum residential and commercial sectional doors.
  • The resilient finish has been tested and is backed by a five-year warranty.
  • The two-part paint system meets American Architectural Manufacturing Association 2604 standards.
  • Solar reflective paint technology may be required on some products to allow darker colors to be used. Solar reflective technology results in lower surface temperatures compared with standard paints.

  • Not all colors are available when using solar reflective paint. Bright colors such as reds, blues, and greens may not be available.

  • Use our lookup tool to see if your Sherwin-Williams Paint color is approved for use.

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Modern Steel - Blue Colorblast
Modern Steel Collection - Colorblast - Orange

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