Clopay Building Products has windload product drawings for each of its Residential and Commercial WindCode® door models.

Information about the door sections, horizontal reinforcement, door hardware (e.g. hinges), track, and pressures is included with the windload drawing.

Each drawing also includes information regarding how the jambs are to be attached to ensure that the windload pressure on the sectional doors is successfully transmitted to the building’s structure. However, a licensed architect or building engineer is responsible for designing the supporting structure to resist windloads - not the dealer, subcontractor or manufacturer.

Click here for W1 COMMERICAL WindCode® drawings 

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Click here for W5 COMMERICAL WindCode® drawings 

Click here for W6 COMMERICAL WindCode® drawings 

Click here for W8 COMMERICAL WindCode® drawings 

For commercial garage doors rated higher than W1, approval drawings are available on the Florida Building Commission website.

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