Three Ways to Keep Your Garage Warmer this Winter

Nov 01, 2010
Keeping your garage warm this winter doesn't have to be a challenge. 

The easiest way to trap heat in and keep cold air out is with a weather seal. If you see a gap between the bottom of the garage door and the driveway when the door is closed, it's time to replace the bottom weatherseal, also called an astragal. If you see gaps on the side or the top, you should replace your weather seals or stop molding. 

If cold living spaces above or next to the garage are an ongoing problem, upgrade to an energy efficient garage door. Insulated garage doors can help keep an unheated garage 10 - 20 degrees warmer on a cold winter day. 

You'll not only improve the comfort of your home, you can save big by purchasing a model that qualifies for the Energy Tax Credit. But act quickly. Doors must be installed by December 31, 2010.

If garage door replacement is out of the question but you need more insulation to help control the temperature in the garage, consider purchasing an insulation kit for your non-insulated steel garage door. 

Clopay offers two types of garage door insulation kits: rolled and polystyrene. Depending on the type of kit required for your door, and your comfort level with home-improvement projects, you may be able to install it yourself in a couple of hours. Contact your local Clopay dealer or retailer for more information and pricing.

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