What’s Your Garage Door Style?

Aug 07, 2010

One of the most prominent design elements of a home and the most commonly used entrance is the garage door. And it’s not up on the roof or somewhere out of sight. It’s at eye level where everyone immediately sees it. Multi-car garage doors account for nearly 35% of a home’s facade, so homeowners should really devote a little more time to selecting a door that will enhance their home’s appearance. 

Ten years ago the choice of residential garage doors was pretty much limited to brown, beige or white steel. Today there are many different garage door styles, materials, windows and design options available that a homeowner can easily make their garage door a stunning focal point.

So, what’s your garage door style?

Old-Fashioned Style with all the Modern Conveniences

The style gets its name from the detached carriage house buildings that were used more than a century ago to store horse and buggies. Reminiscent of another time and place, they are tastefully old-fashioned in their look and feel and yet conveniently modern with their automated operation and expanding range of low maintenance construction materials like steel and composite in addition to the traditional wood designs. 

Carriage house doors continue to grow in popularity because of their design flexibility. Their look can easily be transformed from historic to a more contemporary or Craftsman style depending on the material, finish and hardware selections.

Clopay carriage house style wood garage door

Clopay Reserve Collection - Custom Mahogany Door

Clopay carriage house style garage doors on a brick home

Clopay Coachman Collection Design 12, Arch 3 Windows

Clopay carriage house style wood garage door on a brick home

Clopay Gallery Collection with Ultra-Grain Finish

Contemporary Drama

Modern homes are about clean lines, innovative, functional design and natural light, and they demand something equally dramatic when it comes to the garage door. Until recently a flush panel door that resembled a wall or siding was the best option, but the residential market borrowed a line from the commercial building industry and today the glass and aluminum garage doors once reserved for gas stations and car dealerships are now adorning contemporary homes across the nation.

This garage door style makes the garage look more like a room with a view and less like a utilitarian door, but don’t let the delicate looks fool you. They offer the same levels of security, durability and convenience.

Clopay Avante Collection glass garage door

Clopay Avante Collection - Aluminum Frame w/ Frosted Glass

Clopay Avante Collection frosted glass garage door

Clopay Avante Collection - White Frame w/ Frosted Glass

Clopay Avante Collection garage door with frosted glass

Clopay Avante Collection - Bronze Frame w/ Frosted Glass

All-American Classic 

Raised panel doors offer a classic look that is suitable for just about any style of home. The good news is you don’t have to settle for “cookie-cutter” looks anymore. Today’s raised panel designs offer a wide range of styles and finishes both with decorative windows and without that can truly enhance the curb appeal of your home. This type of door is offered in insulated or non-insulated steel and also wood for either a stained or painted finish.

Clopay raised panel wood garage doors on 3 car garage

Clopay Model 9200

Clopay all-american garage doors on 3 car garage

Clopay Model 4400 Extended Height

Clopay raised panel wood garage doors on residential home

Clopay Model 44 Wood

Clopay all-american raised panel garage door

Clopay Model 9203

Clopay Reserve Collection - Custom Mahogany DoorClopay Gallery Collection with Ultra-Grain FinishClopay Coachman Collection Design 12Arch 3 Windows