Jay Leno Outtakes

May 07, 2010
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Some of the best moments from filming a television show wind up on the cutting room floor. Fortunately, we had a photographer on the set 24/7 to capture all the moments you didn't see in primetime.

image (54)

Leno hams it up with the crew from G&G Garage Door during the install

image (55)

Host Bill Goldberg shows his wild side...or perhaps the pressure of being on the set for all this construction is getting to him?

image (56)

Clopay marketing vp Pat Lohse explains to the DIY team why Clopay custom wood garage doors are the best choice for Jay's home.

image (57)

Show host Bill Goldberg pitches in to put together Jay's new gas engine grill to help meet the project deadline.

image (58)

Clopay factory finshed wood doors arrive ready to install - a real time-saving benefit on a tight production schedule.

image (59)

Winding the garage door springs

image (60)

Finishing up the ceramic tile floor

image (61)

Installing the 22ft. automobile turntable

image (62)

From doors to floors, railings to walls, this is truly a custom garage makeover.

image (63)

Jay gets his first look at his new mahogany Clopay garage doors.

image (64)

Goldberg's turntable test drive makes backing out of the garage a thing of the past.

image (65)

Jay and the Clopay team in front of his new garage doors.

image (66)

ay alongside Clopay Auburn, Washington plant manager Joey Fransway. He and the Clopay team handcrafted Leno's doors right here in the USA.

image (67)

Reps from Clopay and LiftMaster grab a bite with Jay in the mess tent after the shoot.

image (68)

Jay personally thanks every member of thr crew that worked on the renovation. As an added gesture of apprecitaion he even invited the team to be his guest at a taping of The Tonight Show. What a nice guy!

image (69)

That's a wrap.


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