If You're Scraping Ice Off Your Car Windows When it's INSIDE the Garage, it Might be Time for an Insulated Garage Door

Mar 04, 2010

Replacing an older garage door with a new, energy efficient model can reduce energy loss through the garage by up to 71%, according to a comparison study conducted by Clopay engineers. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here's what Clopay customers have to say about their residential garage door upgrade:

M. Seskis in Independence Missouri writes:

“We decided to replace our garage doors for energy efficiency with an emphasis on R-Value, and chose the Clopay 9200 Elegant Short Series, with three-layer construction, in white with Colonial windows. The result is night and day. When I checked the thermometer in our garage the temperature was 63 degrees in our garage at 6:30am and outside 21 degrees, with a wind chill making it feel like 9 degrees. We continue to maintain 63 degrees in our garage.”

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K. Kleman, Holmes NY says:

“The old garage doors were t he original 20-year old pressed board doors and didn't provide any real insulation keeping the garage, and the room above, very cold. We decided on the 3-layer insulated doors with Palladian windows as we have similar windows on the front of the house. The temperature difference in the garage is already noticeable. As the sun rises on that side of the house even in winter, the windows also brighten up the garage.”

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